9 Day Transformation

Hotel and Garden Area, Bali Retreat Ligaya Yoga

In a Nutshell

<< Awakening of self awareness through movement tools and mental training.
For lasting alignment, motivation and drive. >>

An array of physical and mental activities will take place during this retreat – ranging from flow & movement practices, to different yoga styles and relaxing recovery methods. In addition, we will experience deep meditative states and learn about fundamental ways of interacting with our environment that will help us to clarify what we want and communicate this to our partners, our family and at work.

The Retreat will be hold in Bali, in the Luxurious Retreat Complex “Floating Leaf”, located about 10 minutes walking distance away from the ocean, designed from the ground up, to create an environment where people can de-stress and enjoy slow life. 

Best for: seekers of the slow life who are open to self-exploration 

Date: no dates available in this time

Location: – 

Catering: 2 vegetarian meals daily, snacks, coffee, tea and free and unlimited drinking water

Price: –

Floating Leaf - Eco Luxury Retreat Center Bali

Situated in the middle of a range of the lush greenery of ricefields and a little outside of the touristic gravity centers, this place keeps western rush for development at bay. With its tranquil spa, refreshing swimming pool, spacious social area, many little alcoves to sit in and enjoy some time in thoughts and of course the comfortable dining area. Everything in the Floating Leaf is carefully put in place to create a familiar and relaxing atmosphere.

The whole location is built to have amounts of space to use, luxerious rooms with private bath rooms and a wonderful garden with pool to enjoy. 
The Floating Leaf is great located to enjoy walks at the beach and to explore the gardens around. You will find little shops, local restaurants and the beach all in short walking distance. 
The perfect place to relax,  reacharge the energy levels and to let go. 

Recognized as the best yoga, spa, and wellbeing resort in the world by publishers such as Forbes, Harpers Bazaar, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure, Vogue, and more… and not for nothing. 
The villa offers twelve bedrooms featured with air conditioning, ceiling fan, private en suite bathroom and top of the line sheets, pillows, toiletries, and more:

  • Free WiFi throughout the property
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • In room safe (Pool View Rooms), Baggage Service, Airport shuttle
  • Top quality mattress and pillows
  • Bamboo smartphone speaker
  • Organic shampoo, body wash, conditioner and body lotion
  • High quality robes and slippers
  • Smart multi electrical sockets, Hair dryer, Organic luxury toiletries, Laundry service
  • DVD library
  • Koi feeding opportunities twice daily


Meals take place in the main dining area with a panoramic view over the adjacent rice fields and the forests behind. You’ll want to eat here, because the unexpectedly good food inspired by the local traditional Balinese Cuisine but also providing european flavours. The menu is plant-based, built on ayurvedic principles and big on flavours and presentation. Where possible ingredients are sourced from local artisan suppliers and The Floating Leaf organic garden.For those who want to take advantage of the local seafood, they’ll book you  table at a nearby restaurant.

Benefits of The Retreat

  • Inspirational new ways to think and move 
  • Intimate moments of insight & understanding 
  • Improved and increasingly mindful relationship toward your body 
  • No longer searching but discovering and exploring what you love
  • New found clarity towards your next steps of action in life
  • An abundance of ‘you’ time to relax, enjoy beach life, slow down and declutter your mind
  • Meaningful friendships, connections and long lasting memories
  • Free Balinese massage, tours and visits to local temples & markets
  • Authentic touch-down with the balinese culture, food and customs
  • Plenty of laughter and light hearted moments with great people from all across the globe
Yoga Shala of the Floting Leaf in the From Stress to Bliss Retreat Ligaya

To start the day focused and with a calm mind the day begins with a individual 15 minutes meditation, followed by an individual warm up where we mobilize the joints and wake up the body. 


“How we do anything is how we do everything.”

A radically honest and true way of moving, transitioning, flowing and interacting. Over obstacles. Through blockages. With our body. With other bodies or alone. Reducing rigidness. Supporting relaxation in motion. How can I become more fluid, simpler, efficient in my movements? What ways can my body move? Which movements support and nurture my mobility? Flexibility? Reactiveness? If my way of moving is showing my way of thinking, how can I get more relaxed, stable and maybe even authentic in my expression?

All of these questions and thoughts and more are addressed in this part of the retreat.

In the mind science talks we are wrapping our minds around topics like: motivatoin & drive, how to establish and integrate habits, emotional eating & mindful eating. 

These talks are optional to join if there is interest.

How much do you know about your way of interacting with other human beings? Maybe you like or dislike a certain kind of person? Maybe there are particular kinds of humans who inspire anxieties, or admiration in you? Understanding what gives us a feeling of trust, what makes us follow and what triggers rebellion in us is most important if we want to get more out of our everyday life is it not? What gives me the feeling of security, what makes me fearful and why? And what can I do on my behalf to gain a greater sense of calm and self awareness in any given situation, so as my environment does not stress, trigger me or provoke me anymore?
Simple but playful we put practices into action, little experiments and proven methods on how to talk, move, touch and even grapple with the people around us to better understand our boundaries, how to respect and communicate them outward and connect and follow our desires and wishes without limiting habits and beliefs.

Many know the traditional yoga styles taught all over the globe by now. Still little are familiar with the variety lesser known ways of activating, loosening, strengthening and restoring the body through innovative classes like yoga sculpt combined with elements of mobility training, yin yoga, yoga nidra or group yoga exercices like human mandala and acrobatic yoga, that encourage interactive postures for two or more participants. The vitality and knowledge of how to reduce tension in the body to optimize our performance is long available and in this part of the retreat we address it all with the knowledge gathered over more than a decade.

Sit straight, chant hundreds of mantras, incense all over the place and someone who tells you about the struggle you are in. The confusion of how to meditate, what it is, postures, goals, what is best and why, is circulating the internet as the practice and possible benefits find different wrappings, ideas and expressions in our society. Simply put, we meditate to focus. On the breath. On whatever thoughts arise. On relaxing the body. Different body parts, emotions or blockages. Visualising and journeying to possible encounterments and much more. Laying down, sitting, walking, dancing. As long as we are one with what we do, we meditate. 

In this part of the retreat, we will explore sleep yoga, shamanistic journeying, breath work, Body scanning and exploring emotional connections we hold to experiences we made in our life to re-align our energies, clear out our breathing channels and lungs and connect with our body on a new level.

Cacao is more than just chocolate – it’s a heart medicine. The cacao spirit communicates with us through the heart with unconditional joy & love & gratitude. On a physical level cacao provides a huge number of precious nutrients for the body as for the emotional state of being. In the ceremony we sit together in a circle and share the cacao, share gratitude and the energy we create.

We end this retreat, on the last evening together in ceremony with a cup of cacao.

Bali is renowned for its temples, ancient ruins and holy sites. As part of our retreat package, every participant is entitled to come on several tours with us, enjoy traditional ceremonies typical for this part of the world, learning about foods, culture and even drinks of this beautiful part of the world. We will explore the close villages, beaches, forests and connect with the local farmers and people of all sorts of social levels of balinese society.

The Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Resort and We, your retreat leaders, have always paid the highest regards to the places we host our retreats and made an effort to give our participants not only the greatest of possible inputs, learnings and inspirations for their journey but are continuously taking it up and on ourselves to connect people with the local customs and the place they visit to create an authentic and honest impression of the place you visit and the memories you take home.

Logistic & Pricing

📆 9 Days / 8 Nights; 
📍 Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat Center, Bali (Luxurious double rooms) 
🥗 2 quality homemade vegetarian meals daily, cooked by the experienced chefs & staff of the Floating Leaf, snacks, coffee, tea and free and unlimited drinking water

Regular Price Euro 1550.- 
❗ First 8 sign ups get earlybird option with  30% OFF!  – p/p  € 1080.-❗

 ! Spots are limited !

<< Please contact us if you come from a location or Situation that can not afford this Pricing! 
We care for everyone who wants to join as much as we can! >>

What’s included in the price:

  • 8 nights of accomodation at the Luxury Retreat Center Floating Leaf 
  • 2 plant-based meals per day, snacks, water and tea during the day 
  • 6 hrs of practice and learnings every day 
  • Airport transfer from the nearest airport (Ngurah Rai International Airport) 
  • 1 Balinese massage 
  • Tour to balinese water temple 

What’s not included in the price: 

  • Travel Costs: Flight, Visa, extra costs like PCR-Test,…
  • Additional holiday expenses like surfing or any other leisure axtivites, extra food, shopping, excoursion expenses outside the group

Meet the Retreat Leaders

Renato Montañés
“I love Movement of both the body and mind- functional training to help strengthen the body to serve our individual needs, and meditation as a tool to sharpen and train the mind. As a Swiss certified Performance Coach, I travel, teach, and train people just like you and me, and help them to get closer to their full potential. Having a background in martial arts and parkour, I am constantly exploring and developing myself to even higher levels of mental and physical awareness.”

« Every aspect of a human being can be trained and taught and our capacity to learn is limited only by our mind! But Passion and Curiosity have to be the Foundation! »

Stefanie Grace aka. Nini
“I’ve started my yoga and movement journey in 2011, when I studied biology & nutrition in Vienna. Yoga has then changed a lot in my live and in combination with my workouts and a healthy nutrition I managed to find and maintain the balance for a happy life. I accepted myself more and more, cultivated self-love again and again and finally became friends with myself. My own journey has inspired me to become a Health Coach. So, after I accomplished my trainings in Vienna and India I started teaching in Switzerland and from there the journey is going on.”

« Enjoy life, enjoy every moment and most importantly – enjoy yourself! »

With similar values but different energies, they make a wonderful team together that wants to pass on their knowledge and values and share them with others, so that everyone benefits.

“Nini and Renato both give everything the have in terms of energy and it never felt like anything was to much or out of balance simply because they complement each other so well. They both are very good at guiding and teaching and they allways make sure you have a great time and help you to get to know yourself better in a save environment!” 


The floating leaf only offers double rooms with single or matrimonial beds. So it makes sense to book either with someone you are comfortable with or take the chance to get to know someone new. Please let us know in your request what option you would prefer. 

First 8 sign ups get earlybird option with  30% OFF!  – p/p  € 1080.-

Apply for this retreat

Please complete this short questionnaire, to see if we are a good match as we, like you, are seeking compatibility and alignment.
All fields are required! 

Terms & Conditions


Please check the current COVID guidelines on the official website of your country regarding the entry regulations to and from Indonesia.

This may of course change by the time the retreat comes around and it is each person’s individual responsibility to stay on top of said information.

  • In the case that Bali is not open for tourism the payment will be refunded 100%.
  • The spot at the event is only ensured whenever the total amount is paid in advance.
  • Any registered participant who needs to cancel will receive a refund of 100 % until 4 weeks before the event.  Afterwards refunds will be 50 % of the costs.
    Exceptions: Injuries and emergencies – The fee will be kept as a credit to be used for a later event. Situative refunds will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.
  • In case of any Lock Down ordered by the Indonesian government, the Retreat will be cancelled and the refund will be 100 % of the costs.
  • In case of low registration (less than 5 participants) we reserve the right to cancel due to the costs of the venue. Participants will be informed in any case at least 3 weeks in advance before the event. In this case the refund will be 100% of the costs.
  • Please note: Participants are responsible for any and all travel costs and/or insurances regarding flights, entry requirements, visas and transfer to and from the country of the event.
"More than expected. All my stress was gone. I haven't felt that great in a long time. Additionally, I made a lof of new experiences regarding my meditation practice. Amazing!"
Mirko Matschke
Retreat, Switzerland 2020
"Amazing retreat! Cool People! Super nice food! And I simply loved the topics! Yoga, Functional Training, Meditation, Human Dynamics! All the workshops where just great! Will be back!"
Sercan Sebil
Retreat, Gran Canaria 2021
Thank you very much for this experience! "Nini and Renato both give everything the have in terms of energy and it never felt like anything was to much or out of balance simply because they complement each other so well. They both are very good at guiding and teaching and they allways make sure you have a great time and help you to get to know yourself better in a save environment!"
Tim Apitius
Retreat, Gran Canaria 2021
Thank you very much for this experience! "I could truly feel all the hard work but also passion that you two have put into this retreat and the material you teach. You are both great teachers and great human beings!"
Stephanie Selg
Retreat, Gran Canaria 2021
"I have immensely enjoyed this well structured space to take time for myself and at the same time sharing this experience with a group of lovely people." ​
Julia Fischer
Retreat, Gran Canaria 2021
"It was challenging, but i got a kickstart for my own routines! Really nice group and renato & Nini gave their best and opened a whole playground of opportunities!"
Andrea Gutmann
Retreat, Switzerland 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

“Good afternoon Renato! I’m just looking into booking a spot at your retreat with my wife and we found a question unable to answer if you don’t mind me reaching out. What will happen, if we have to cancel our participation due to cases of covid-19?” Pablo. C. – Madrid, ES

Hey Pablo. Thank you for getting in touch. As we are all dealing with these circumstances it is only natural for us to make COVID-19 as little cause for concern as we can. You will get back every cent Pablo! Even if it’s on the day your flight leaves or, if you are in quarantine, here in Bali and get tested positive. Or if you choose, you can always opt to keep the amount paid with us and join us at a later event. In any case we will make sure to help you and your wife as best we can!

“Hi Guys! What if my flights are cancelled and I will not be able to attend?”

Monika S. – Linz, AT


Hi Monika. Good to read from you. As I have experienced this issue personally and talking with Nini about the subject, we are in agreement that if your flights or transports are cancelled due to “higher power” such as government imposed lockdowns, flight company cancellation and so on, we will get in touch with you and do what we can that you either get a spot in a later event or if nothing goes, your money back.

Best just to send us proof of the circumstances of the cancellation and that there is no other way for you to come and we will reimburse you every cent! We want to add at this point however, that it is each participant’s own responsibility to take measures and employ insurance to minimize risks of losing your money.

“Hi Nini! I am uncertain if I should book anything because of possible lockdowns!”

Mary P. – Manchester, GB


Hey Mary. Thanks for getting in touch. As we understand these uncertainties and also have to deal with them on a daily basis we are doing whatever we can to make the choices of our participants as easy as we can. Therefore, if there is a lockdown issued and you can not either leave your country or enter the country of Indonesia due to any covid regulations, simply send us a message with a reference to the official statement, positive test or proof of the regulation that is keeping you from traveling and you will of course get a full 100% of your money back.

“Hello. I just saw your ad and was wondering what security measures in regards to covid you have in place at your retreat?“

Anutosh C. – Basel, CH


Hi Anutosh. Thank you for your inquiry. As Bali just reopened its borders to international travels, everyone has to enter the island fully vaccinated, with a valid negative PCR-Test issued latest 48 hours prior to arrival, go into quarantine 5 days in which he or she is required to do another PCR-Test and of course provide us with a copy. These requirements can change of course and I encourage you to re-check the official webpage of the Indonesian government to stay up to date.


That said there is enough space to uphold all distance regulations as to provide each participant more than 1.5 meters of space while practicing. There is disinfectant and masks available at all times and if someone shows any symptoms we personally take care of bringing the person immediately to the nearest testing facility to re-do a PCR-Test and help with finding lodging outside of the retreat venue as to keep everyone safe and minimize risks! 


“Good day. My name is Peter and I was just looking at all the details of the Transformation Retreat you offer. I am confused about the housing and where we will sleep as I only saw double beds offered in the rooms. Will I be able to have my own bed and also my own room at the retreat?”

Peter R. – Aachen, DE


Good day to you Peter. A very good question indeed. We are of course offering single beds at the Floating Leaf. However only in a setting of double rooms. You will therefore get your own bed for sure, but as we have only double rooms, you will have to share the rather large room with some other participant.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your room with someone of the opposite gender, or find that you are not well with whomever you are to share your space, we will of course make sure you get that preference regarded and share it only with whom you are comfortable with.

“Hey guys. I just had a hip surgery and I am still in recovery from it. As I have already enjoyed your workshops and want to join you now in Bali for this Retreat, I am just hoping that my hip will be fine by that time. My worry is that I maybe can’t fully join all the movements and activities without hurting or damaging my hip again.

Can you maybe give me a little clarity on how I can play around this problem as I feel I am unsure how to handle this worry.”

Linda O. – Oslo, NO


Hi Linda. Good to get in touch with you again. I understand your issue and you don’t need to worry about it. Reflection around our physical state of affairs is a core element of our retreat. Our movement practices are all about creating more agility and general mobility especially for the hips and back as these areas are vital for our longevity. We will do some actual physical training too, as you know, where we put load on our body, such as functional- and parkour training, as we also want to practice resilience and set a condition of strength that supports us during our preferred sports and activities.

But it is our top priority to always bring our participants as close to their limits as it helps them to grow and get stronger. Never further or even over. Of course it will be your personal responsibility to inform us straight away should you ever feel uncomfortable, any difficulties or even strain or pain in your hip so that we can help you to move around these blockages and enjoy the practices and inputs to their fullest.

“Hi. My name is Mia F. and I just found your retreat and was blown away by the program and the location!
I would love to join in on it but I have a strong gluten and lactose intolerance. Like an emergency run to the hospital Strong! I have spent another yoga retreat several years ago in Bali and altho they told me they would make sure I would not have to worry, I ended up in the hospital on day 2 and could not get back to it for 3 days. Can you tell me a bit about the kitchen and the staff that is preparing the food? I know I am a little itchy on the subject but I just don’t want another incident like 3 years ago..”

Mia F. – California, US


Hey Mia. Good that you tell us your condition in advance! We have a professional private chef at the Floating Leaf who has assembled a highly educated and rather expensive crew around him to make sure all of us will get top food all day around. The Floating Leaf Owner has also ensured us that we can talk in person to the chef and let him and the staff know whatever our concerns and wishes.

We will hence talk to the Chef on our arrival and should you be with us, inform him about your special condition and make sure you get to enjoy the full 9 days of the retreat in peace and with a belly full of the local specialties and fruits and veggies straight from the Floating Leaf Garden!
Please visit

To convince yourself on the subject, as this criteria around food and beverage has been one major reason why we picked The Floating Leaf.