Cacao, Crystals, Stones, Gong, Feathers in the Ceremony
Cacao, Crystals, Stones, Gong, Feathers in the Ceremony

Women Empowerment Cacao Ceremony

💖 Cacao is more than just chocolate – it’s a HEART MEDICINE. 💖

Connect With Cacao

Connect With Yourself

Connect With the Woman Within 

27th of February ¦ Sol y Luna, Puerto de la Cruz ¦ 16:00 – 18:30 ¦ 20 €

The spirit communicates with us through the heart with joy & unconditional love.

On a physical level cacao provides a huge number of precious nutrients for the body and a lot of benefits for the mental & emotional state of being.

This WOMEN CIRCLE provides a safe, sacred place to explore the women within, to connect with yourself, while sharing and drinking the plant medicine cacao.

You will experience a deep connection to mother earth, to nature and to yourself.

✨ When Women Gather – Magic Is Happening ✨

Elements of the gathering:

Sharing & drinking the cacao, guided mediation, moving
the body & awakening your feminine side

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you in the ceremony.

Love & Light yours Nini

Send me a message << here >> and secure your spot with a payment advance via Paypal or Revolut
Sign up is required – space is limited.

To get the best out of the experience I recommend not to drink coffee and alcohol and to maintain a vegan diet the day of the ceremony.
Make sure to drink enough water and do not eat 3 hours before the ceremony.
Pregnant women are welcome to join the circle and have a little cup if they feel it (pls inform me).
Under mediation of anti depressiva you should not drink the cacao.
The cacao medicine is very subtle, but in some cases it can cause headaches or excitement.

<< Find out more about the Cacao. >>

Please make sure to arrive on time on Sunday.

bring (mandatory): water bottle
bring (optional):  talisman, crystals or anything you would like to bring in ceremony with you, journal, favourite cup (cups are available as well).

Wear something comfortable! that makes you feel empowered ✨ it can be a dress, a skirt, shorts or yoga /sportswear – most important: you should be able to move and to sit without any discomfort and feel well.

We are going to move the body (esp. in dance) and sit on the ground on cushions.

Moving is our passion, sharing is our purpose. 

Get inspired by moving your body in a way you haven’t experienced before. In this workshop we explore animal movement, mobility flows and partner workouts, dive into yogability and acro yoga elements and end with a guided meditation. 

Move and flow with like-minded people and build connections in a growing community.

Date: December 18th, 2021
Venue: Tenerife, El Médano @ The Treehouse Hostel 
Price: on donation

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