Stefanie Grace with a doughnut and salad - diet culture, toxic limiting beliefs around food and body

How To Overcome Toxic Limiting Beliefs Around Food and Body

What Beliefs Do You Have When It Comes to Food and Body? Food is the enemy! My appetite is bad! I hate my body! For many years I lived my
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women crying

When Your Eating Disorder Becomes Real

Diagnosis: Bulimia With Anorexic Features *** TRIGGER WARNING *** This blog post is a very personal story. The reason why I still want to share it here, is to encourage
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Stefanie Grace, confused about the right diet

Is There Such Thing As The “Right” Diet?

What’s the Right Diet To Follow?   Which is the RIGHT nutrition to follow?What does it really look like? Is there such a thing as the RIGHT diet? A topic
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Overcome Emotional Eating

How To Overcome Emotional Eating?

What Is Emotional Eating and Why Is It Happening? Let me answer this question first with a practical example: With a short story is about Sarah (could be any other
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Stefanie Grace plank pose in front of the laptop during lockdown

10 Tips How To Integrate a Yoga and Fitness Routine During Lockdown

Building Healthy Habits During Lockdown It’s been more than one year now, since we have experienced the first lockdown. Since then we had multiple ones, and had to adapt to
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Mum and Bub graphic

Yoga During Pregnancy and After Giving Birth – Part II: Postnatal

How Can a Woman Support Her Body and Mind After Pregnancy and How Much Is Too Much? In my previous post I was writing about the benefits of yoga during
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Yoga during preganancy, Pregnant woman in Sukashana

Yoga During Pregnancy and After Giving Birth – Part I: Prenatal

How Can a Woman Support Her Body and Mind During Pregnancy and How Much Is Too Much? After having completed my online teacher training as a certified pre- and postnatal
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Ligaya practicing self-love

How To Turn Self-Hatred Into Self-Love & Bodypositivity

Do you love yourself? Are you able to look into your reflection in the mirror – into your own eyes – while saying: “You are beautiful!” Or is this something
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PMS is affecting the training, body and energy level of a women.

How Does the Menstrual Cycle Affects a Women’s Body and the Training. What Is PMS and How To Deal With It?

Understand Yourself by Understanding the Menstrual Cycle, Premenstrual Syndrome and How This Affects Your Training. << I wake up in the morning like any other day, I go to the
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As soons as I have lost weight, I will be happier.

Why Only Losing Weight Will Not Make You Happy

Losing Weight Will Not Fix Your Problems “As soon as I have lost 7 kg, I will be happier.” “I only need to fit into my skinny jeans again and
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