Cacao Ceremonies & Women Empowerment Circles

Drinking and honouring the cacao in ceremony with Ligaya, Stefanie Grace

Women Empowerment
Cacao Ceremony


Cacao is more than just chocolate – it’s a HEART MEDICINE.

Cocoa has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures as a tool for healing and spiritual growth. It is said to communicate with us through the heart with joy and unconditional love. In addition to its physical benefits, cocoa can also provide mental and emotional healing, helping us to find balance and harmony within ourselves.

 When Women Gather – Magic Is Happening  

This women’s circle provides a safe and supportive space to explore your authentic side. Through guided meditation, movement of the body (in dance, both guided and free), and connection with other women in the circle, you will awaken and dive into your own feminine and masculine power. You will experience a deep connection to Mother Earth, to nature, and to yourself.. 

Ceremony preparation