The Yoga Beginner Program

Ligaya Stefanie Grace in an online yoga Coaching

A 6 Week Program To Start Your Yoga Journey

In that case, this online program fit you perfectly. Transform your obstacles into your potential.


A 6 weeks online program to start or deepen your yoga practice. You can practice wherever you want to. The program is structured in 6 moduls, each modul with two classes.

Get lifelong access for 111 €

 How to sign up?

Message me and pay the amount of 89 € via Credit Card or Paypal. Afterwards you will get an E-Mail with all the informations and the course!
Contact me if you prefer to pay via bank account or Revolut.

Low Lunge Yoga Pose Ligaya Yoga Beginner

How it works

As soon as you booked the course you get the online accsess to the whole content and you can go through the program in your own pace – ideally you complete 1 module per week. After each modul you fill out a questionnare to keep me updated on your progress and to clarify ambiguities. This is all included in the pricing.

Your time investment: 1 – 2 hrs. per week

Evaluation and Supervision – You’re not alone!
So that you don’t have to do the whole thing on your own and I can also, more or less, be there live, there will be a questionnaire after each module that you will fill out to communicate possible ambiguities and let me participate in your process.
The link will take you to an external page where you can fill in the form.

Student of Ligaya practicing the Yoga Beginner Program

Check out the curriculum – this is what you learn in 6 weeks! 


Module 1

Introduction and Yoga Flow to see where you currently are with your practice. Talk about the basics of yoga philosophy and its benefits. After learning more about breathing techniques, we start with the physical part of our practice.

  • Introduction to Yoga: Why Yoga? What is it about? The power of OM
  • Introduction to Pranayama
  • Introduction to Asanas

Module 2

Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskar

We build the foundation for the most known yoga sequence – the Sun Salutation. Step by step we work through the different poses and we practice different variations of the Sun Salutation.

  • Benefits of Sun Salutation
  • Foundations and alignments of every posture
  • Different variations of the Sun Salutation

Module 3

Standing Asansas

All about standing Asanas in all different variations, including balancing, twisting and strengthening poses.

  • Benefits
  • Different standing poses
  • Balancing poses

Module 4

Forward Bending/ Backward Bending

Forward folding and backward bending always comes together. We practice these two movements in standing, sitting and laying variations.

  • Benefits
  • Heart opening
  • Stretching and strengthening the back and front side of the body

Module 5

Turn the world upside down – Inversions

Inversion poses not only look fancy, they provide a huge spectrum of benefits to the body and mind. Step by step we work through the different variations of inversion poses. When it comes to inversions, everyone has his/her own individual skill level, and will find a new challenge to take on and an opportunity to learn in this module.

  • Benefits
  • Techniques
  • All variations – bringing the heart higher than the head

Module 6

Putting it all together.
After having coverde many different poses, it is time to put them all togehter in an activating yoga flow. Now, you have the building blocks to create your own flows, practice at home and join classes at a studio.

  • Yoga Philosophy Talk
  • Full Vinyasa Flow


Start Your Yoga Journey And Experience Beautiful Things.

Convince yourself. This is what students are saying about the program.

Student of Ligaya in Crossed Legs Position
The Beginner Programm of Nini helped me to get to know my body better. I already liked yoga before but had little idea what the individual positions were all about. In this Programm everything is explained and shown in detail. Thanks to Nini, I now know what my body is like and where I can work on. It is a lot of fun to learn something new every week and finally to feel the meaning of yoga.
Class & Private Student
Even though the Beginner Program is online, Nini is always with me. After each video I could ask questions and uncertainties directly and received precise explanations. I felt individually supported. The six week yoga program inspired me to integrate yoga into my life. What does yoga mean to you? And for me? Thank you Nini for your inspiration! Through Nini I learned that yoga is not only sport and exercise, it is much more and I am grateful that I could integrate it into my life. What does yoga mean to you? For me it became a vessel to get to know myself better and to be more open in the world. Nini's energy and conviction to yoga came through in every video. It is inspiring how Nini takes me and you into her world and shares her experiences with us.
Silea, 27
Class & Private Student
I already had longer previous experience with yoga and could still benefit a lot from the program. The detailed and precise instructions helped me to deepen and improve positions. I got to know my own level and skills better and was able to build on them and develop them further.
Michi, 28
Class & Private Student