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Realize Your Full Power, Your Full Potential and Find Joy and Selflove in Being You.

Stefanie Grace in a yoga pose laughing

Realize Your Full Power, Your Full Potential and Find Joy and Selflove in Being You.

I was thinking for a long time what my first blog post should be about… Yoga? Fitness? Nutrition?… they are all equally important to me and after starting and deleting a text again and again for a couple of times I decided that my first blog post should be about my big WHY – the big question what gives me the drive, what motivates me, what I want to share with you in my work as a health coach…

Stefanie Grace Ligaya is doing Yoga oudoor

"I Support and Inspire Women To Realize Their Full Power, Their Full Potential - To Find Joy and Selflove in Being Themselves".

I know there are many women, perhaps too many women, who haven’t reached yet their full power, who haven’t  realized their full potential. 

But what is holding us back? 
I think there are many reasons and we all have different dominating ones, but a lot of times the feeling of not being good enough is the one, which occurs with all of us in some way. We feel we are not enough in what we do, in how we are, in our appearance. We always find something that diminishes our value, even if others see it in a different way. We put ourselves second, not first. It’s hard for us to say no, to stand up for ourselves. We only see the things on our bodies, we don’t like instead of complimenting ourselves for the things we do appreciate about ourselves. 
And because of that its hard for us to accept compliments and even to accept love.

I invite you, to look at you and to ask yourself – “Do I like, what I see”? 
I invite you, to touch your body and to ask yourself – “Do I like what I feel? 
Ask yourself in what kind of relationship are you with your body, with you? 
And then remind yourself, that you are enough, just the way you are.

Change is Growth
Years ago, I was hunted by the feeling of not being enough. My body never was good enough, everything I did, was not good enough. I struggled with my self-image, the way I see me and with an eating disorder. I reached a point in my life, where I thought that I would never be able to change the relationship towards myself. Change felt impossible…

But after working a lot on my mindset I’ve learned, that change is possible. Even tho, change is never comfortable, because it means you have to go out of your comfortzone, the zone where you feel at home, where you feel save, because its familiar. But after you did this step you will discover a new comfortzone and step by step you are growing – and this is a beautiful process. 

I dedicate this post to all the beautiful women out there who can relate to those feelings – have faith in the process and look forward to discovering yourself in a new way. Get to know yourself better, and learn to love yourself exactly as you are, in your full potential, in your full power. 

Get out of your comfort zone and grow.


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